Sinon Teachers College (SICO) is an Educational Institution which was registered in 2002, based in Dar es salaam and Arushamdam City. Registered by Ministry of Education with Reg No. CU 121 and Teachers Examination Center No. 625,Private Candidate Examination No.

Sinon College also is an affiliated college with ABMA UNIVERSITY of UK for Vocational Education and Technical Education.

The management committee of Sinon College,congratulate you for the step forward you are taking towards joining Sinon Teachers College and the Vocational Education Training on Hospitality, Business and IT industry. We, therefore thank you very much for choosing us as a center that deserves to be included in your aspiration. You are not only going to be our student,but as a customer you are also our boss,we appreciate you for choosing us and you are mostly welcome.

”Welcome to Sinon College and Enjoy the spirit of Education Excellence!”

SICO gives techniques and skills to Tanzanian student in order to participate effectively and efficiently in social and economic development of our nation and the world. SICO is doing this as per Education and Training policy in Tanzania of 1995 page 40 section 5.4.2 where by the government invites NGO’s, Private peoples, companies to establish own, manage and administrate Education, institutions for the propose of educating the people of this country.”The antithesis of education………..is the kind of learning which teaches an individual to regard himself as a commodity, whose value is determined by certificates,Degree, or other Professional qualifications” Julius K. Nyerere 1922-1999